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AQU machine pump group limited main products has: HJ series chemical process pump, and FCZ, and FZA series oil chemical centrifugal pump, BH type melting urea pump, FCDL long axis liquid Xia pump, FY type liquid Xia pump, FLX, and LYJA State horizontal material pulp pump, FJX forced cycle pump, F-TL, and F-TLL type desulfurization pump, and ZM series slag pulp pump, GY series high temperature melt salt pump, ISR (IS) hot pump, SPP chemical mixed flow pump, LHY liquid sulfur pump, d, and DF type multilevel centrifugal pump, IHF, FSB fluorine plastic pump, WFB, ZXB self-priming pump series and various types of stainless steel valves and so on

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